Minor Offences Act


Miha Dvojmoč
New University, Faculty of Government and European Studies

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Minor offence , Minor Offences Act , Substantive law about minor offence , Procedural law about minor offence , sanctions

Kratka vsebina

An important part of the penal legal system of the Republic of Slovenia is also the Minor offances Act. This governs the rules that define minor offences and determine the procedures and sanctions for them. The fundamental law in this area in Slovenia is the Minor Offences Act from 2003 ("Minor offences Act (ZP-1)", 2003). In the Slovenian legal order, a minor offence is defined as an act that constitutes a violation of the law, a government regulation or a decree of local community. In case of violation of these actions, the minor offence act determines the sanctions - the main sanction for the minor offence is a fine. The script is designed on the basis of a systematic and comprehensive review of minor offence act, which basically consists of two subgroups - substantive and procedural law about minor offences. By reading and studying the script, students will develop the general competence of learning about the fundamental legal institutes of the law on a minor offence, learning about the Slovenian procedural law, they will master the essential institutes of substantive law and develop the ability to analyze, synthesize and anticipate solutions to legal problems. The script is designed to develop the ability to argue one's own points of view and to use knowledge from the field of law on minor offences act in practice. 

Skript for Minor Offences Act


24 March 2023