European Constitutional Law


Katarina Vatovec
New University, Faculty of Government and European studies

Ključne besede:

European Constitutional Law, Human Rights and Fundatal Freedoms, European Union, Council of Europe, Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms, Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union • case law

Kratka vsebina

The reading material for the course »The European Constitutional Law« addresses a core content that forms the basis of the understanding of the European constitutional area, within which the constitutional orders of the Council of Europe, the EU, and Member States (in our case Slovenia) coexist and – to a certain extent – intertwine. It defines the concept of European constitutional Law. It does not overlook the broader political context in which both organizations were formed and are still developing. It focuses on their constitutional orders. The reading material also touches upon the interaction and intertwining of three levels of human rights and fundamental freedoms protection: the Slovenian constitutional level, the EU level and the level of the ECHR. To this end, the reading material mentions the relevant case law of the Slovenian Constitutional Court, the ECtHR, and the CJEU. The reading material provides a basis for an understanding, critical evaluation and questioning of how the Council of Europe and the EU function, and the role of Slovenia in these organizations.



5 February 2023