Administrative Systems


Robert Drobnič
New University, Faculty of Government and European Studies

Ključne besede:

systems, adminstration, administration systems, administrative-political process, terittorial organisation of administration, local self-goverment

Kratka vsebina

unit one we get to know the basic concepts, such as: system, administration, public interest, administrative-political process. In unit two we are talking about administrative systems covering the concepts and operation of administrative (sub)systems, such as: the public sector, the public administration, the state administration, the state functions, the parliamentary and presidential system, the National Assembly, the National Council and the judicial system. In unit three we will learn about the government, the government regulations, the structure and bodies of administration, the governance, the territorial organisation of administration. The unit four describes the involvement of administrative systems in development of regions, resources of (state) administration, public finances and physical assets of the state. In unit five we will learn about the importance of public procurement, different roles of administrative systems, the principles and procedures of public procurement, the principles of creation of administrative bodies, about local self-government. In unit six we will learn about the original/authentic and transferred competencies and tasks, the decision-making process within municipality, the incompatibility of functions, the regions, the regional policy, the non-state administration, the public authorizations, the public agencies and the bearers of public authorities. In unit seven we will talk about the public law and public law entities, the economic and non-economic public services, the services of general interest, the financing of public projects, the public servants systems, the people in administrative systems, the theories of organizations, the public servants models, the public servants law and the salary system. In unit eight we will talk about the efficiency of administrative systems, the introduction of entrepreneurial principles in the public sector, about reforming of public sector, change management, public sector management, the influence of globalisation and development in general on the administrative systems in the future.

Script for Administrative Systems


23 March 2023